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Receive a

(when you collect 3 stickers after each visit)

MINI Card.png

How To Use

  1. Join our Level Ground Telegram to view details of our Onboarded Partners in the Community.

  2. Head down to any of the Onboarded Partners for good food and drinks.

  3. Flash your physical comMINIty card, and TADAH~ get 15% off your bill (for non-promotional items only)!

  4. Remember to collect 1 sticker after your visit!

    • Collect 3 stickers and send us a photo of it via WhatsApp to receive a $10 Shopping Voucher.

  5. Tag us on your socials! 😍

Terms & Conditions

  • This card is not associated with any credit or deposit, and does not contain any stored value.

  • This card is not for sale and cannot be sold by any party, to any other party.

  • This card will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

  • This card needs to be physically present for the discount to be applied.

  • This card allows you to receive 15% discount (for non-promotional items only) at all Onboarded Partners.

  • This card can only be used for dine-in only. For takeaways, please check with the respective Onboarded Partners directly.

  • This card can no longer be used once it reaches the Expiry Date stated on the physical card, and cannot be extended.

  • All Discount Privileges, and Terms & Conditions, may be amended without prior notice at sole discretion of the company.

  • Only 1 sticker can be collected after each visit to an Onboarded Partner.

  • The Shopping Voucher given will depend on what is availabie at the time (Eg. CapitaLand, Takashimaya, NTUC, etc).

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