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How To Use

  • Join our Telegram to view details of the Onboarded Partners in our Community.

  • Head down to any of the Onboarded Partners.

  • Order good food and drinks.

  • Flash your physical membership card, and TADAH~ claim your Grounder Redemption Bundle, and get 15% off your bill!*

  • Tag us on your socials (@levelgroundcommunity)! 😍

*Non-promotional items only

Membership Perks

  1. This card allows you to enjoy a 15% discount off your bill on non-promotional items at all Onboarded Partners.

  2. This card allows you to enjoy an exclusive Grounder Redemption Bundle

    • One card entitles you to a one-time redemption at each Onboarded Partner.

    • The Grounder Redemption Bundle consists of 4 half pints only (or a choice of 2 cake jars & 2 coffees)**.

    • A minimum spending of $10 per card is required for redemption

    • All 4 half pints have to be redeemed in one sitting

    • Limited to 2 cards per table only

    • For Dine-In only

**At selected Onboarded Partners only. Please see Details of Onboarded Partners for more info.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This card will not be replaced or refunded if lost or stolen.

  2. This card is non-refundable & non-exchangeable for cash. 

  3. This card is not associated with any credit or deposit, and does not contain any stored value.

  4. The Expiry Date stated on this card cannot be extended. Any remaining unclaimed Grounder Redemption Bundle will be forfeited, and the discount privileges will no longer apply.

  5. All Discount Privileges, and Terms & Conditions may be amended without prior notice at the sole discretion of the Company.

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